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In each generation, heroes of Faith, whom the church recognizes as saints, emerge. There are many characterictis that they have in common, but none of these individuals thus far have used cell phones, played Play Station video games, or searched for information on Google.


That is about to change. 


A young "computer geek" named Carlo Acutis, who created a website cataloguing every reported Eucharistic Miracle in the world before dying of Leukemia at age fifteen, was beatified in October 2020 after healing miracle in Brazil was attributed to his intercession. Since then, solemn crowds have been filling past the exposed relics of the blessed youth in Asisi's church of Santa Maggiore. 190 pages paperback by Fr. Will Conquer tranlated by James Henri McMurtrie English trannslation copyright 2021 by Sophia institute Press

Carlo Acutis "A Millennial in Paradise"

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