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Dr. Carrie Madej Educates on Transhumanism & the

Coronavirus Vaccine - Human 2.0!

Mark of the Beast?  You Decide...



COVID-19  Testing & Vaccine

We Are Being Lied To!

Doctors Explain How the Covid-19

Test is Rigged for Positive Results!

[short medical explanation starts at Marker 16:12]


Dr. Christiane Northrup Explains COVID-19 Vaccines Containing "Luciferase" with a Patent Obtained by Bill Gates #060606!

Mark of the Beast Insignia?  You decide.

The contents of these pages are for informational purposes only.  Our foundation makes no scientific claim, suggestion or otherwise as to the medical truth or implications of these statements contained herein.  These medical practicioners are just a few of many who are openly and publicly announcing their findings as to the safety, content and ramifications of the Coronavirus vaccine(s) which have recently come to the world's attention.  As a matter of personal conscience, one should certainly pray to God for discernment and wisdom when making your own health and faith decisions.
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