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 It took 200 years for the Church to respond to the "final effort" of the Sacred Heart to deliver men from the reign of Satan. Now His Sacred Heart completes that final appeal through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lord told Sister Lucia that the delay in response to this appeal is now as it was when He first opened to the world the treasures of His Sacred Heart. Learn what can be done now as that appeal comes to its climax in the message of Fatima as revealed in recent interview with Sister Lucia to whom Our Lady appeared.


God's Final Effort is a sequel to the best seller Too Late?, of which former Ambassador to the Holy See, the Hon. Howard Dee, said: "... NO MORE IMPORTANT MESSAGE for the Catholic faithful today!" Dr. Tom Petrisko, author of many books and a specialist on prophecies of our time, said: "Too Late? is provocative and, I believe, PROPHETIC."

The author, who was cited by the Bishop of Fatima as one of the greatest experts on the Fatima message, says: "I believe that after writing Too Late?, Blessed Padre Pio inspired me to look at the parallel between the response to Paray and the response to Fatima. I was amazed. What an urgent message!"

On June 4, 1999, celebrating the centenary of the consecration of the world to the Sacred Heart, Pope John Paul II said: "Following St. John Eudes, who taught us to contemplate Jesus, the Heart of Hearts, in the Heart of Mary, and to make them Both known and loved, devotion to the Sacred Heart has developed in the world particularly because of St. Margaret Mary at Paray le Monial."

St. John Eudes spoke of the one "furnace" of Their Hearts. Two years later, Our Lord appeared to St. Margaret Mary and told her He was making
"The final effort of His Love in the last centuries of the world to withdraw men from the empire of Satan, which He intends to destroy." -St. Margaret Mary

Now in our day Jesus has compared our failed response to Fatima to the failed response to this "final effort" of His Sacred Heart. This parallel drawn by Our Lord, in a colloquy with Sister Lucia, leads to a frightening discovery! This parallel, studied over the past 300 years of history, must convince us that God wills now to save the world, through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, before it is too late.

God's Final Effort

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