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The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Tepeyac Hill north east of Mexico City on December 12, 1531, when she left image inprinted on the cloak of an aztec Indian named Juan Diego, continue to fascinate believers and non-believers alike the world over. She came from heaven with the tenderness of a mother to invite all those who, even in the centuries to come, would dwell on the American continent, to a life of holiness, prayer and peace by following Jesus, her divine son. Details of the apparitions, the miracle of the roses, the amazing discoveries regarding Mary's image on the Tilma, and the importance of her message for the world today are set forth with uncommon clarity and devotion in this highly readable and fully illustrated book. 


Paperback, 154 Pages, Author: Christopher Rengers, OFM Cap, Copyright 1989.

Mary of the Americas Our Lady of Guadalupe

SKU: B415
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