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PONT-MAIN, The Apparition - by Fr. Rene Laurentin

The story of what took place in this village and the apparition of Virgin Mary to the Barbadette family during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.  It tells of what followed, and what it means for you today-- what the Virgin Mary wishes to say to you.  She will make Her message clear to each one, in their own circumstances, as they pray in secret.....(Known as Our Lady of Pontmain, and also Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain.) 33 pp.


"This Message, hidden from the wise and prudent, is a fountain of powerful graces for the little ones."- Pope Paul VI Radio Message to the Pilgrims of Pont-Main 30th of May, 1971.

Pont-Main, The Apparition

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