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"Mr. Haffert has been inspired to write this book of devotion." -Archbishop Sheen
In the last vision of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin appeared in the sun holding a sign down to the world to unite hearts with Her Heart.
This book makes that Sign as luminous as at the moment it was held down to the world at Fatima.

In 1966, this book was translated into Portuguese in Lucia's own convent. The preface to the Portuguese edition was written by the Bishop of Coimbra, the same prelate who spoke up in Vatican Council II for the inclusion of the Rosary in Paragraph 67 of Lumen Gentium. Pope Paul responded shortly afterward by elucidating that declaration of the Council, urging promotion of THE ROSARY AND THE SCAPULAR.

The statements of Lucia and of Pope Paul are the confirming glory of this book, which is more needed and more popular than ever! It has been hailed by many as an all-time classic.

Sign of Her Heart

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